10 Ways To Make Car Insurance Cheaper

Car insurance costs can reach several thousand dollars per year, depending on the provider, risk profile and coverage options. Drivers seeking cheaper car insurance should use the following tips:

cheaper car insuranceBundle policies. Insurance companies with great financial power will offer to insure more than just the car and their online questionnaire will not forget to mention that. Policyholders who combine car insurance with home, renters or life insurance will receive a significant discount. The value of the discount varies by the carrier with some carriers offering 5% discounts, while others offer as much as 20% discount.

Purchase a multi-vehicle plan. Having all owned vehicles under the same contract will help drivers get better premiums than insuring them individually. The value of the discount increases with the number of insured vehicles. However, there is a limit to this number. Most carriers do not insure more than 5 cars under the same contract.

Adjust deductibles.  Increasing the deductibles will make car insurance lower. Make sure to adjust deductibles to a maximum sum that can be paid anytime. When getting online quotes it is really easy to adjust deductibles. The quote will be updated accordingly with the selected value.

Drop full coverage on older cars. If the car is older than 10 years, keeping full coverage will make the owner overpay for coverage. A car’s value usually decreases over time. Insurance companies use the Actual Cash Value when reimbursing clients.  Visit Kelly Blue Book and check the current value of the car.

Keep a clean driving record. Avoiding traffic violations and accidents is a good way to keep premiums under control. Seek ways to expunge older traffic violations. A specialized lawyer may be needed. Keep in mind that insurance companies offer a no claim bonus for every year in which the driver did not commit or has been involved in an accident.

Drive a safe car. A car with a good safety rating will be easier and cheaper to insure. Look for annual crash-test ratings and NHTSA safety rankings. Lots of new models are fitted with latest sensors and accident prevention systems. .

Install extra safety and anti-theft devices. This will improve the safety rating and will significantly lower the comprehensive car insurance premiums. Plus, it will help police officers recover the stolen cars. There is a huge market for these devices. Make sure to pick only the best.

Enroll in a defensive driving course. Insurance companies can offer or suggest a defensive driving course. The client will improve his driving skills and will get a discount. Many online questionnaires ask drivers (especially the young ones) if they have participated in courses provided by the local DMV or they are willing to participate in defensive driving classes.

Scan the insurance market periodically. It is recommended to get car insurance quotes at least once every 6 months and check the average premiums costs. Being permanently aware of the average costs will help drivers to avoid overpaying. Some insurance companies practice a marketing tactic called “price optimization”. Basically, they rely on drivers to stay with a single company and not check the market. Loyal drivers are “rewarded” with more expensive premiums..

Pay for the whole policy in advance. This will help the insurance company get rid of some administrative costs and it will provide cheaper premiums.

“Getting cheap car insurance is easier than you may think. Check our list with top money saving tips”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

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