5 Usual Errors Done when Comparing Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Check our list with 5 usual errors done when comparing online auto insurance quotes:

  1. # auto-insurance-discountsProviding wrong info about the car. Insurance companies need to know exact data about your car, more exactly the model and the make. Usually you can provide these details accurately, selecting the car from a drop-down list, thus avoid misspelling mistakes.  Still, be careful when making the selections, otherwise you will get the wrong quotes.
  2. Providing bad approximations. Besides providing accurate data, you will also have to make some approximations.  It is likely you will have to approximate the annual mileage for the vehicle you want to insure.  If you add too many miles, you will get higher premiums.  Try to give an honest approximation.
  3. Not requesting sufficient coverage or sufficient deductible. People try to get low cost car insurance and will do anything to get it, including getting rid of options they consider unnecessary or refusing to take additional coverage and protection.  Furthermore, they consider deductibles just another financial burden and they try to minimize it. But having a really low deductible means you will have to pay more expensive premiums. If you are not sure what deductibles to ask, consult with a specialist or use a form to try different amounts and notice how prices vary.
  4. Not adding the installed safety devices. A safety device can be both a life-saving gadget and a money-saving asset. If you have installed some devices, including tracking devices, you should report it to insurers. They will surely lower the prices.
  5. Giving bad info about your driving history. When getting quotes online it is important to provide info about committed felonies in the past years and tickets.  You will be classified as high-risk driver, but at least you will get an honest quote.

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