6 Factors That Affect Auto Insurance

Check the following 6 factors that affect auto insurance costs.  Also, get free online auto insurance quotes from our website. Here are the main factors:

  • # auto-insurance-discountsVery young drivers, especially teens, are usually labeled as inexperienced and thus they are more prone to committing or being involved in accident. Young drivers pay more on car insurance.¬† On the opposite site, mature and even senior drivers, pay less, because they are considered low risk customers, with a vast experience. ¬†Drivers between 16-25 years old and over 65 years old pay more.
  • Female drivers pay less on car insurance than males , especially young female drivers. Things change when it comes to older female drivers. They pay more on car insurance because statistics show that they are involved in more minor accidents.
  • The area where you live heavily influences the rates. All insurance companies ask for ZIP code in order to thoroughly verify the area and check for statistics. They want to know how is the traffic and how densely populated are the area. Plus, they want to know more about car theft frequency, the cost to repair cars and if the area is exposed to certain natural elements. Also, the economy of the area influences the costs. A high unemployment rate means more uninsured drivers. And being hit by an uninsured driver will cost the company more.
  • Car make and model. The model of the vehicle to insure is crucial in determining the rates. Again, companies will rely on statistics and technical data. Also, pay attention to recent models that have been recalled.
  • Safety rating. If a car is considered safe by accredited organizations, you will pay less to insure it. Furthermore, car safety rating can be improved by adding several safety and tracking devices.
  • Car ownership. Insurance companies will want to know if you totally own the car or you are still paying for it.

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