Are Online Car Insurance Quotes Accurate?

It has never been so easy to get car insurance quotes. Today, there are so many websites, which provide insurance quotes online. All you have to do is enter the ‘car insurance quotes’ on Google’s search engine and it gives you pages of websites that provide car insurance quotes. However, it is only valid that one should have doubts about accuracy of quote prices such websites are capable of providing.

Car-Insurance-OnlineHow to Choose Which Website Is Better?

  • Accuracy of quotes depends on which kind of services is provided by website you refer to. There are two kinds of websites. Those that provide information from their own database, and those that eliminate middle men and connect you directly to insurance executives. Since latter is via executives working for companies, it is likely that they will try to sell their own company to you. Former is good for narrowing down companies that provide coverage you require. However, their information may not be as up-to-date as latter.
  • Naturally, websites that demand very little information from you will not be able to provide you accurate or good quality service. Those online websites that make you fill out long forms, on another hand are capable of providing you accurate information. They may need a host of information such as your personal details like name and contact information as well as details of your car, its usage, driving record etc. Hence, before you enter such information, you must make sure that you check internet for its reviews.

This is some information you fill be required to fill in-

  1. Vehicle Information: Year of manufacturing and Vehicle Identification Number
  2. Personal Information: Date of birth, address, license number, marital status, student status. You will also need to provide this information for other drivers or non-drivers you wish to cover under your plan.
  3. Driving History: Record of minor and major tickets issued. If you do not enter them, then they will just pull themselves when they run your records through their system.
  4. Coverage Options Desired: Liability, Comprehensive and Collision, Personal Injury Protection etc.

Tips on how to Choose an Insurance Provider

Earlier, you had to contact insurance companies individually, now you can compare quotes from a large number of companies at once. These are both local and national companies. However, before finalizing your decision, you must realize that one providing you with a lesser premium may not always be best. After you shortlist, check reviews for companies online and choose a trustworthy one. There is no point in paying premiums at all, if the company does not handle insurance claims well and you end up paying from your own pocket.

Most importantly choose a website and an insurance provider that provides a wide variety of great options to you and always choose one that you can have faith in. You can start your search with insurance quote tool, provided on our website, and compare rates from multiple well reputed companies, Click here to compare rates!

By Smit Sanghvi