Basics of Windshield Repair Coverage

Cracking your windshield can seem a really minor issue, when compared to totaling your car in an accident, but it still may warrant an insurance claim. A small crack in your windshield is easy to ignore, especially if it doesn’t hinder your vision while driving. But a larger break or a shattered windshield needs immediate attention before you can get behind the wheel again. Having windshield repair coverage will help a lot. Find out more about this policy and get online auto insurance quotes from our website.

windshieldMost broken glass, whether it be a windshield or a window, will fall under the Comprehensive Physical Damage portion of your full coverage auto insurance. But you can get a special windshield coverage written into a policy’s terms and conditions to offer a smaller deductible amount for replacement. The average broken glass policy deductible can range from $100-$300. A small chip may only cost up to $60- $100 to repair, while complete windshield replacement could cost up to $325.

If the windshield damage is minor, repair may be available at no cost. That’s why it is important to understand your glass breakage policy terms and conditions in detail. If free minor glass repair is available, you should take advantage of it. Some companies provide full glass coverage with no deductible. Full glass coverage will pay for windshield and glass replacement upfront without any expense to you as the driver.

Never neglect cracks and chips on your windshield. They may not seem that much, but they can affect the structural integrity of your car. Furthermore, a cracked windshield could earn you a ticket in many states.  An intact windshield will bumper some of the impact of a front-end collision to protect all passengers in a crash. Once a windshield has even a small chip, it will shatter immediately in a front-end accident and greatly increase the risk of injury or death for all passengers in the car.

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