Find out What Info Must Offer For Accurate Car Insurance Quotes

Check our blog to find out what info you must provide if you want accurate auto insurance quotes online!

  1. Hand with money and toy car isolated on white backgroundBasic information about the car. In order to insure any car, you must provide exact details about it. You will be asked about the car’s manufacturer and exact model, including fabrication year. Companies will then run several searches and find out some statistical data about the car model, including recent calls, manufacturing defects, number of accidents and claim frequency. Also, safety rating will be thoroughly analyzed.
  2. Annual mileage. The number of miles driver per year is very important for the companies, because it helps them determine the risk of being involved in an accident. They correlate the exposure time on the road with certain characteristics of the area you live, since most accidents happen close to home or on the way back and to work.
  3. Place where you live. The area where you live is very influential. Companies rely on all sort of geographic, economic and demographic data when mapping an area and calculate the risk profile of any resident. The main concern are the population density, the number of unemployed drivers, frequency of natural extreme phenomena, social turmoil including riots, the cost of car parts replacement, road condition and infrastructure and so on.
  4. Driving history. It is one of the most influential factors. The company will want to know for how long you have been driving, in order to consider you an experienced driver or not.  Being involved in minor or major traffic incidents is a thing that will make premiums rise, but it should not be covered, since companies make regular check-ups.
  5. Personal details. Being married or not, having a certain age and a certain job and even gender modify the risk profile of a driver. Again, these things are correlated with statistical data and reports.

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