How To Get Quotes for Vintage Cars

People having vintage cars know the importance of it. These cars preserve the glory and heritage of old era. It is considered as an investment and hence, important to protect it from theft, accidents etc. However, it’s better to get it protected with proper insurance cover.

# antiqueTaking normal auto insurance quotes will not suffice the requirement. Insurance of vintage car and normal car is very different. Both the insurance has wide gap with respect to prices and the way the policy is designed. It is necessary to approach various insurance companies or search internet to get the right cover for your vintage car. You may also require a tailor-made insurance to suit your requirement.

There are various criteria to be chosen to get the insurance while taking insurance quotes. We shall discuss the points in brief.

  • While deciding the vintage cars, the age of the car matters.  The age criterion differs from company to company and car to car. More the age of the car, lesser will be the premium to be paid. As a thumb rule, the age of the car for considering vintage car is minimum 15 years.
  • The car should not be driven like a normal vehicle for daily routine activities.
  • If the car is driven for special purpose or given on hire basis for wedding ceremonies, there is a limit of certain miles. The insurance company has to be informed. If the limit is crossed, the insurance shall be terminated with no claims.
  • The car cannot be taken for rallies or auto-expo shows, unless you have special coverage for it. If this is not mentioned to the insurance company, then the policy may stay invalidated.
  • It should be driven only by the person registered with the insurance companies. You may get additional discounts, if the driver is experienced. Companies generally prefer drivers, who are not teens.
  • If it is not in use, it has to be kept in the garage with proper security. If on the road, it has to be parked carefully and properly locked.
  • The car can be modified only as per the rules and clauses stated by the insurance companies. For example, using nitrous oxide in modification is prohibited.
  • The valuation of the car is an important aspect while buying insurance quotes. In standard insurance, the valuation is decided based on the depreciated value. But, in vintage cards, the valuation increases if properly maintained.
  • In case of total loss, the company should settle the claim based on market value. In order to determine the market value, expert advice of vintage car dealers can be sought.
  • Insurance companies also provide discount if insurance of another car or vehicle is taken.
  • Some companies offer discounts on seasonal use of the car. For instance, in winter season, the car is not driven and kept in garage.
  • If you agree to pay higher amount for losses, your premium amount shall decrease.
  • The cost of repairs and replacement is higher in case of vintage cars. Hence, if you agree to bear a greater amount, the premium to be paid shall be lower.
  • Insurance companies also offer cover personal belongings and pets. Due to any accidents or mishap, if the personal belongings are damaged and pets die or they are injured, the damages can be claimed.
  • If the car is broken down or damaged due to third party, towing charges to bring the car from the site until the garage are born by the insurance companies.

Considering about points, it is always better to search the internet and get free quotes. You can compare them and then select the best insurance with lowest price.

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By Smit Sanghvi