Pro And Cons Of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

With so many free online car insurance quotes, it might seem that finding the right policy can be a really difficult task. This is true when it comes to comparing quotes on comprehensive auto insurance.

@ car-on-openAlthough its name might suggest otherwise, comprehensive auto insurance does not offer you coverage for any situation. Comprehensive car insurance is also known as “other than collision” coverage, because it is intended to cover damage to the vehicle which is not caused by a collision. This includes damage from fire, floods, theft, vandalism, riots or even damage caused by animals. In short, comprehensive coverage applies to risks that are outside the control of the driver, like a falling tree branch, a deer jumping in front of the vehicle, a hail storm, or an act of vandalism.

If you are the owner of the vehicle, you will have to decide whether or not to purchase comprehensive insurance. To consider the costs and benefits, you will have to figure out the value of your car and see whether or not you would be able to pay for damages or replacement if something bad happened to it. These expenses can be especially high if you own a newer, more expensive vehicle, so be sure that you can afford to go without coverage before deciding against it.

A separate glass deductible option is being offered by a number of auto insurance companies.  Broken windshields can be a recurring problem for people who frequently travel on highways, and windshields tend to be a more vulnerable component.  If this issue applies to you and your insurance carrier offers a separate glass deductible, you can choose to have a lower glass deductible to avoid paying out-of-pocket for windshield repair or replacement.

Another common choice for car or motorcycle owners who use their vehicles seasonally is opting for comprehensive-only coverage while their vehicle is parked or garaged during the off-season.  This is normally only available for clients who do not have a loan or lease agreement on their vehicle. When a vehicle is parked and/or garaged for long periods of time, what consumers can do is leaving only comprehensive coverage, since any damage that occurs while the vehicle is garaged would most likely be considered a comprehensive event. That can reduce premiums considerably.

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