Pros and Cons For Every Car Insurance Plan

Having auto insurance is mandatory for any driver in the United States.  And there are even coverage limits imposed by each state.  Some coverage types are mandated by the state, while others are optional. If you are new to the insurance market, check this blog post that talks about the pros and cons for every car insurance plan.  Also, get a free car insurance quote from every major insurer before buying a policy.

  1. # car-auto insuranceLiability auto insurance. Is a must have policy and it provides coverage for the property damage and bodily injuries you cause. It provides legal responsibility and by having it, you can avoid being sued and risk having your belongings confiscated and sold. The main drawback is that it pays only for the damage you inflict, not for the one you suffer.
  2. Collision auto insurance. It is a no-fault policy and it pays for your car damage, no matter who was at fault. It provides coverage if your car collided with another car, fence, building or even if it flipped.  The main con is that the policy tends to be expensive.
  3. Comprehensive auto insurance. This policy provides coverage against damage suffered by car in incidents not related to a car accident. For example, it provides coverage for earthquakes, fire, objects fallen from the sky, tornados, animal attacks and so on.  It also provides coverage against theft and vandalism. Again, this policy is pretty expensive.
  4. Uninsured/Underinsured. Many motorists choose to get only the minimum coverage. In case you suffer an accident and the guilty party has only the minimum coverage, the money will be insufficient. This policy will provide more money and help you recover faster and repair your car. The main con is that the policy is rarely seen as an useful one and it is also a bit expensive.

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