The Relevance Of You Neighborhood From A Car Insurance Company’s Point of View

Being a good driver, having a safe car and having an excellent credit score may seem strong enough reasons to have the best rates. Unfortunately, this is not true. While those with the mentioned perks have good rates, they may not get the best rates yet. There are still some factors that weigh heavily in deciding the insurance cost.  For example, the place you live is very influential and you can observe that by comparing free auto insurance quotes online. Let us talk more about the relevance of your neighborhood from a car insurance company’s point of view.

cheap-car-insurance-600x390Statistically speaking, most accidents happen close to home, when we head to work or back home. So, the area where you live and the distance to work are thoroughly analyzed by the insurance company.  A high density means more cars on the roads, thus increasing the risk of being involved in an accident.  An area with heavy traffic, prone to jams and gridlocks, will make anyone living there pay more for car insurance.  Road conditions and infrastructure are also very important. Streets with holes and cracks will also make the insurance companies increase the costs.

And there are many other factors correlated with the area where you live. Another important one is criminality. And in this case, we are talking about car theft.   In areas where there is a higher car theft occurrence frequency, the cost to insure a car is alarmingly high. If you double that with having a car that’s on top of robber’s wish list and the cost to insure will be almost unbearable. Riots and vandalism are other two reasons why the place where you live matters.  Comprehensive car insurance pays directly for damage caused by those types of events and any driver who lives in areas affected will pay more.

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