Things You Should Ask Car Insurance Agents

Comparing free car insurance quotes is an excellent way of getting a proper auto insurance policy which is catered to your specific needs. The auto insurance market is very diverse, and while that means a lot of different policies to choose from, the sheer number of available choices might make you feel a bit confused. That is why an auto insurance comparison tool is so important. However, if you prefer auto insurance agents, you have to know what questions to ask them.

car_driver_colorYou have to ask what coverage are you required to have by law. This question is a great starting point. The answer will vary from state to state, but ultimately you will find out what you need to buy, or at least you will have a clear idea. What extra coverage should you have is also a relevant question, since the state minimum may likely not be enough to cover every cost associated with an accident. Learning what additional coverage will do can help save you future problems.

Are you eligible for any discounts? Qualifying for a discount can be as simple as being a non-smoker or having a vehicle with airbags. You may also be eligible for a modest safe driver discount for three to five consecutive years of safe driving. What will your deductible and my premium be? The answer may vary between auto insurers. Many factors can affect the price of your insurance policy, so you will want to know ahead of time what you can afford.

What is the actual cash value of your vehicle in its present condition? The actual cash value refers to the value of your vehicle before it was damaged. Knowing this will help determine how much you are eligible for in the case of an accident. However, the amount of money can vary depending on the insurance company’s own standards.

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