Tips For Motorcycle Riding During Winter

Even though it’s winter and it’s really cold, you can still ride your bike. However, do not do that without taking into consideration the next tips and safety precautions.  And if you want to have your ride fully protected, get proper coverage. Visit our website for free car insurance quotes.

winterbikeThe first thing to do is to make sure that the ice does not damage the bike. Moisture trapped in your vehicle will freeze and make metal brittle. The frozen internal components of the motorcycle could eventually break or jam.  In order to prevent this, you must clean and lubricate regularly the drive-chain and the clutch cable. If your bike has liquid-cooling system, check if there is sufficient antifreeze and it is correctly distributed.

Winter dirt and corrosion can also harm the vehicle. In order to prevent your bike from getting rust, use a surface-protection fluid. And of course, you will have to carefully clean your bike after each ride. Pay attention to the water temperature you use. If you are washing away dirt with salt, use cold water. Hot water will only melt the salt crystals and they will enter even further in your bike.

Before venturing into journey, use the T-CLOC method, which involves checking your tires, controls, lights, oil levels, chassis and stands before each ride. It is recommended to start the engine, then letting it run for a few minutes, to warm it up, before setting off.

Get proper clothes and equipment during winter. Riding in the freezing cold without the correct gear is dangerous. Beat the chill by stocking up on thermal underclothes, and layering them underneath a thick, waterproof jacket. A pair of thermal inner glove liners will help insulate your fingers but still allow you the dexterity you need to operate your bike.

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