Tips For Getting Cheaper Car Insurance

Auto insurance can be a major cost for motorists who already face high fuel prices, paying for regular taxes and services and of course covering the cost of the vehicle they drive each day. Whether you are male or female, old or young, follow these steps to lower premiums.

  1. # money-carShop around for car insurance, using auto insurance quotes online. It is often a simple but effective way to reduce the price you pay for cover. Insurance companies rarely offer their very best deals to existing customers, instead reserving their cheapest possible prices for new customers. Use an online comparison service to do the hard work for you. Put in your details and check the prices that come up. Just remember to make sure you are comparing like for like cover, with deductibles set at the same level and including any extras that you’d usually add on.
  2. Increase deductibles level. Selecting a higher voluntary excess when setting up your car insurance cover is another way to reduce your premium. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the excess, the lower your premium – so experiment using car insurance comparison tools to see how much difference an increased excess could make to your annual auto insurance costs.
  3. Drive less and ask for discounts. If you have a low annual mileage, then you should ask for low-cost premiums, because you are less exposed to accidents and thus, filing a claim.  Ask the insurance provider about this type of discount.
  4. Drive a safe car. Generally, safer cars are far easier and cheaper to insure. And even if you did not buy a car considered very safe, you can make it be so, just buy installing several devices and systems. But we recommend you to talk with the insurance company first and check if it agrees with the customizations and accessories first.

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