Top Quality Anti-Theft Car Devices

Check our list with top quality anti-theft car devices.  Also you should get the best insurance for your vehicle. Compare online auto insurance quotes.


  1. FM-8701Commando FM-870. The Commando FM-870 is a souped-up keychain pager. It can unlock car doors without a key and start the engine remotely from 2,500 feet (762 meters) away. The Commando includes a small device with an LCD display that monitors doors and trunks open/closed and can detect hard impacts to your vehicle. Forced entry or engine startup will trigger an alert to the Command FM-870’s LCD display. In addition to its remote start and keyless entry functions, the Commando component that’s installed in the vehicle also includes a car alarm that can be programmed to trigger based on unauthorized vehicle access.


  1. Cobra 8510. K.-based Cobra produces quite a range of car accessories, from headrest-mountedDVD players to parking aids. Cobra also sells a car security device known to stop thieves in their tracks. The Cobra 8510 immobilizer’s name alone should give you a pretty good idea about how this car security system works. It’s accredited by the Thatcham organization, which tests and rates vehicle security systems. Immobilizers work by disabling components of the engine that are necessary for startup. By shutting down the ignition system, immobilizers make it extremely difficult to hotwire a car and start it up without a key. The Cobra 8510 comes with two keys that can deactivate the system — as long as you keep them safe, your car shouldn’t be going anywhere without you in it.


  1. CobraTrak 5. Cobra’s ConraTrak 5 takes the benefits of several different Cobra security systems and packages them together into one powerful system, which earned it a Category 5 placement in the Thatcham system, which means it must effectively help you recover the vehicle if it’s stolen. An automatic driver recognition (ADR) system forms a link between your car and a card you carry on your person. If the card is outside the car, the ADR system is armed and instantly alerts Cobra’s operating center if the car is moved. If a thief somehow makes off with your keys but doesn’t grab the ADR card, they’re toast: The ADR system will be aware that the card isn’t in the vehicle with the car thief. Cobra can also initiate remoteengine  Once a stolen car has been shut off, it won’t turn on again. Coupled with GPS tracking, remote engine immobilization increases the chances that police will be able to find and recover a stolen vehicle

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