What Is A Low-Risk Driver

All car insurance companies use a fairly similar rating system in which the drivers are added to several risk category classes. Being a low risk driver is something desirable by all driers since it provider immense financial benefits. But first, find out what a low-risk driver is and get free car quotes insurance from our website.

Being a low risk driver means that there is a low insurability risk and the company will only earn money by having you as client. People with low insurability risk are less likely to make a claim and ask for reimbursement. There are several factors to count in when deciding a person is a low risk driver.  Driving history and car model are some of the most important factors. If a person is known for being a good, safe driver, preferable with driver education updated, being on preferred status become easier. Graduating approved defensive driving programs will certainly make you eligible for a discount and will increase your status. Loyal good driver customers are even more appreciated. A combo of good driving and loyalty is always repaid.

autoNEW - images (2)Car equipped with safety and anti-theft devices are easier and faster to insure. However, a car equipped with all sorts of modern, expensive devices will be a bit pricier to insure. Nevertheless, you should apply for safety equipment discounts, if there are any provided by your insurer.

Your job and distance from home to workplace will determine if you are more or less exposed to accidents.  Also, the demographic profile of your residence area will have the same effect. Living in a densely populated area, where there are many cars, increases the likelihood of accidents.

Finally, but not least, your credit score will determine if you are a low risk driver or not. Managing to pay your bills in due time is a sign of a responsible person.

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by Ciprian Gurgu