What Is Covered By Auto Insurance

Check out the scenarios covered by various car insurance policies and if you want to analyze their prices,  get an auto insurance online quote from our website.

  1. # car insurance1Injuries and property damage you cause. The main purpose of liability auto insurance is to provide financial support to anyone you injure or have their property damaged. Liability coverage provides Bodily Injury and Property Damage separate coverages.
  2. Injuries and property damage you sustain. This part is a bit more complicated because there are several policies which can help you recover from an accident.  For example, collision auto insurance pays for the damage your car has sustained during a collision or a flip over.  It does not matter who caused the accident, the policy will still pay off.  On the other hand, Personal Injury Protection is designed to specifically handle all treatment costs, from medication, medical care to surgeries.  The policy covers not only the insured, but also his passengers who were with him when the accident happened.
  3. Car theft. Having your car stolen is a big problem and it may seem that there is no insurance to cover it. Luckily, one of the scenarios that fall under the comprehensive coverage is exactly car theft.  Of course, the terms and amount of reimbursement differ by company.
  4. Damages caused by nature. Extreme weather phenomena are not controllable by humans and it may cause significant damage, easily totaling a car. Comprehensive auto insurance again can help you recover from this problem. And again, you must be careful for what you sign in for.
  5. Being hit by an insured and underinsured motorist. Besides having legal defense that will help you money, some policies, like Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist, will provide money to recover from any financial loss if you are hit by such drivers.

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