What Types of Safety Devices can Help You Lower Car Insurance Rates?

Check our list with the newest systems and safety devices that can help you lower car insurance rates.  Buy them and get a low cost auto insurance.


  1. Pre-safe

In the event of potential collision due to emergency brake application, skidding and heavy oversteer or understeer, PRE-SAFE prepares passengers for collision by pre-tensioning the safety belt tensioners while passenger seats and backrests are moved into a safe position and, in addition, closes the sunroof (provided one is fitted and open).

  1. Active Blind Spot Assist

images (2)With this system, when another vehicle moving in a parallel lane is detected in the exterior mirror’s blind spot, it alerts the driver via a flashing red warning signal in the glass of the exterior mirror and a warning tone as well when the driver indicates to change lane.

  1. Cornering light

The bi-xenon headlights with dynamic cornering light provide up to 90% better illumination of corners and turn-off area. Above a speed of approximately 15 km/h, headlight beams follow the steering angle of the vehicle’s steering wheel with the aid of small servomotors in the headlight units. The improved visibility enables obstacles to be detected earlier, and the driver gains additional reaction time.

  1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Skidding is one of the major causes of accidents. It tends to happen in an emergency when the driver brakes heavily on a slippery road surface or in a bid to avoid an obstacle. The wheels lock and the car skid out of control.

But anti-lock braking system gives the driver more control of the wheel while braking hard and allowing the driver to steer round away from obstacle.

  1. Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)

This system helps to reduce skidding risks with the help of a yaw velocity sensor. It monitors the vehicle’s movement around its vertical axis continuously, comparing the measured actual value with the reference value resulting from the driver’s steering input and car’s speed. When the vehicle diverges from this ideal line, ESP intervenes to stabilize the vehicle by braking individual wheels and adjusting the engine output accordingly.

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