Why Is Dangerous To Get Only The Basic Car Insurance Coverage

The basic car insurance coverage is just what your state imposes to have in order to drive legally on the streets. Typically it refers to a certain amount of liability coverage, consisting of property damage and bodily injuries coverage amounts which will be used to reimburse the victims of an accident you cause. Remember, this is used to reimburse the victims, not yourself or your passengers.  And having just this policy is really un-recommended.   Find out why is dangerous to get only the basic car insurance coverage. Read our blog and visit our website for free car insurance quotes online.

# auto-insurance-discountsAs we just mentioned, generally, the basic coverage provides reimbursement only to your victims.  But most of the times, both parties involved suffer property damage and injuries and both parties will lose money trying to recover from the accident. If you carry only liability coverage and you cause an accident,  you will have to pay from your own pocket to treat injuries and to fix your car.  And prices are really high. Furthermore, basic coverage is not nearly enough to cover the expenses resulted from a medium or major collision.  And without providing sufficient fund, the victims will have no other choice than to sue you and get their money after a trial.  During this trials, all your sellable valuables will be evaluated and sold if you fail to bring the money.

You can end up being injured and left in financial ruins. This scenario is really grim and it should be avoided with all costs.  Getting more than basic coverage is the best thing to do. And f you are worried about the costs, understand that there are many ways to lower the premiums cost, from keeping a clean driving record to asking for available deductibles.

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