Why Is The Cheapest To Buy Auto Insurance Plans On Christmas

Christmas is the best month to give and receive presents. But have you considered that even the car insurance companies are taking part of this generosity circle and are willing to provide cheaper policies. Overall, it is the cheapest to buy auto insurance plans of Christmas.  We will immediately tell you all the reasons and you will have to decide whether to skip or not this tempting offer. But, like in any other quest, you will have to rely on the best tools. We recommend you to use car insurance quotes online, which can be easily obtained on various brokerage websites.

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Timing is essential when it comes down to buying auto insurance.  And numerous reports have shown that depending on the month of the year you buy auto insurance, you can save around 50% on the policy costs. Nationwide, car insurance rates vary by about 7.5% from the cheapest month (December) to the most expensive month (March), but in some states, that variation is meaningfully less, according to a new survey from

Residents of South Dakota get the most consistent rates (rate variation is just 1.9% from month to month), followed by Arkansas (3.7%), Utah (4.4%), and Iowa (4.9%). What’s more, residents of these states also tend to pay less for car insurance, according to the latest data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

In addition to nationally, December was the cheapest for 22 states. And if you add the special discounts and offers many car insurance companies provide, you can really get attractive prices. These prices will be even lower if you have a really good MVR report and the car is considered really safe.  So, it really is worth checking the car insurance prices this time of the year.

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