Why You Should Avoid Car Insurance Gaps

Keeping your insurance active is something every driver should do. However, due to bad intentions or simply, by forgetting, some people drive while uninsured. And these gaps can have really unpleasant consequences to the policyholder. Find out why you should avoid car insurance gaps and get free quotes on car insurance from our website.

ThinkstockPhotos-511471770-1080x675It is well known the fact that insurance companies carefully select their clients. One of the most common questions when insuring a new client is whether the client has been insured previously.  Finding out that you were uninsured or you had payment problems with the previous carrier will certainly make the company not to consider you trustworthy. A long-term gap can place you in the high-risk pool by any standard carrier. That means paying a whole lot more money.  Even getting insurance becomes more difficult, because there are companies not willing to work with persons that had coverage gaps.

Driving without insurance is also a really risky situation. Besides risking to be caught by police officer while driving your car, there are situations when not having insurance will make your life a nightmare.  Let’s say that you are found guilty for a car accident and you are not insured. Since you do not have coverage, you will have to pay the bills for property damage and bodily injuries. This will seriously affect your budget, since medical treatment costs are huge.  And you will be also left vulnerable in the face of any lawsuit.  You victims are likely to hire a lawyer and sue you.  Without any legal defense, you can quickly have your items confiscated and sold, for reimbursement money. Furthermore, you can risk being imprisoned.  Instead of dropping coverage, you should check for more affordable plans, by shopping around.

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